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Offices & Workspaces.

At Cutler, we believe that the design of the workplace can impact productivity, collaboration and even employee retention.

The workplace of today is a physical manifestation of a company’s brand and culture. At Cutler, we work closely with businesses of all sizes to understand who they are and who they want to be. We then embrace that essence to create a space that supports and expresses it.

Offices & Workspaces

Designing a high-functioning workplace starts by recognizing that one size does not fit all. The requirements of the finance department are different from those of the marketing department, and may change over time as the organization grows. To accommodate this, we develop contrasting zones throughout the space that enable individuals and teams to work in ways that are flexible and best suited to their needs. For example: loud vs. quiet, open vs. enclosed, bright vs. cozy, focused vs. collaborative.

Space and workflow aren’t the only efficiencies to keep in mind when designing an office or workspace. We work alongside our clients to develop a list of project priorities early on in the process. Our team recognizes the budget and schedule parameters. We prefer to splurge where it counts, like first impressions, and save where we can achieve the goals (and the look) for less.

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