Retail & Showrooms.

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Retail & Showrooms.

At Cutler, we believe that retail stores and showrooms are for more than just shopping.

A retail space provides people with an opportunity to interact with products and build a meaningful relationship with a brand in a physical space.

The customer of today is looking for an experience. We believe this experience should be memorable, authentic and shareable. It should also be consistent across all applications of the brand – from e-commerce to social media to brick and mortar.

Retail & Showrooms

The hero of a retail or showroom experience is always the product. Our approach to retail or showroom design is driven by our mission to develop unique retail environments and showrooms that reflect the spirit and personality of a brand. The customer journey begins with an enticing storefronts that make a memorable first impression while drawing customers inside. Throughout the space, we then incorporate proprietary brand cues that build recognition, connection and equity over time.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their concerns—from security to ROI—are at the forefront of our solutions to build an experience that suits their specific needs. Through research and collaboration with the client team, we gain an understanding of the product story. We then tell that story through processes such as spatial planning, fixture design, graphics and signage development.

With our long history of developing successful retail and showroom environments across the country, we speak the language of retail and understand its unique challenges. Our projects range from pop-up shops in Whistler, to flagship CRU’s in Toronto. We have also had the privilege of working alongside talented industry colleagues and maintain excellent relationships with landlords, brokers, contractors and vendors all over Canada.

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