Not another Decora thermoplastic nylon wall plate in white! The traditional rectangular plastic electrical cover plate just doesn’t cut it anymore. Picture this – a white plastic wall plate on a beautifully designed and installed chevron patterned wood finished accent wall! – designer’s nightmare! I think the thermoplastic eye sore just stole the show…and not in a good way.

In my search for aesthetically pleasing electrical receptacles, outlets and wall plates, I’ve stumbled upon the following:

Bocci 22

Known for their collection 14, glass ball light fixture series, Bocci designs a series of electrical accessories in their collection 22. This series features round receptacles for electrical, cable, switches etc that are recessed to create a flush and minimal outlet profile. Not to mention, Bocci’s from Vancouver!

Legrand Pop-Out Outlet

How clever! With a slight push, a cubistic structure pops out to expose electrical outlets. Once you are finished with the outlets you push the cube back to hide the receptacles, exposing only a sleek, flat, square panel on your finished surface. Legrand’s Adorne series also has other well designed outlets switches, lighting and home wireless systems. So get poppin’ and replace your plain Janes with these Legrand outlets.


Trufig has a whole series of flush mounted electrical outlets, switches, keypads and more. Chameleon like wall plates blend into their surrounding backgrounds and can be finished to match paint, wood, marble etc. Since they are meant to be out of sight out of mind, Trufig has a cover plate that is a blank, which completely covers the receptacle so you don’t even see the openings for the prongs. Just don’t forget where your electrical outlets are, because they camouflage so well you might not find them again.

It’s not like we won’t specify Decora for our interior design projects, we’ll just have to be “selective” of where it’s placed…ex: backroom, storage area…just not centre stage.

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