Naps – the quintessential closer to a long day. Everyone loves them, everyone. Unless you don’t of course… Those people should take a long hard look at themselves. In all seriousness, here are some amazing living spaces to drool over. A whole new meaning to the idiom, couch potato.

Roundup-LR-nap-sofa-2-Edgars-ZeimanisModular sofa where the cushions can be optimized for napping.

Roundup-LR-nap-sofa-4-Frey-House-ii-by-Albert-Frey A beautiful post-nap view if I do say so myself.


Roundup-LR-nap-sofa-6-Moscow-Bachelor-pad-Maxim-Tikhonov50 minute naps in 50 shades of grey


Roundup-LR-nap-sofa-9-Aspen-Koru-Flatpak-600x650    The “Megatron” of sofas – Napatron.


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