A few weeks back the Cutler team got the chance to chase 6 am sunrises, to awe over layers of cacti in front of dusty pink structures, and to collectively explore LA in search for some creative inspiration.

A Creative Time Capsule

We loved downtown LA; the vibes were a mix of revived history and hidden pockets of all kinds of art. The Ace Hotel kept us happy, with endless areas to explore. While some chose to start their mornings in the LA Chapter over a cup of Stumptown coffee, others were up with the sun to photograph the views from the ornate rooftop patio. The Ace Hotel was something we’ve been looking for in design. It encouraged artists and designers to morph a structure that has great historical bones with modern design elements that we love today. It had a feeling that things big and small in the space were left behind throughout the times, almost as if it was a creative time capsule of all thing’s design.

Retro Vibes With a View

Venice beach was the spot to be for our first full day. With our cameras in hand, and our Vancouverite biking skills, we took to our colorful cruisers (and tandem bikes) for a sunny afternoon of bike riding. A unique array of different vibes on the boardwalk caught our attention; the authentic style of each person whom we passed was really inspiring to us all. It may have had something to do with the giant palm trees that lined the beaches, and the almost retro, laid back vibes, however we’re still trying to put our finger on it.

Retail Design With an Authentic Twist

On our way to Abbot Kinney the diverse plant life complimented the little pastel buildings almost too perfectly. This is a style that we’re loving lately so it was a obvious distraction for the entire Cutler crew. We couldn’t help but to really enjoy the laid back architecture, with bright pops of color, and a cheerful fresh feel. The retail scene on Abbot Kinney Boulevard is something worth checking out. You’ll find shops that look as if they were taken from somewhere else and just plopped down, ready to open shop. It’s uniquely different from anywhere we’ve been before, but it allows you to shop in a different way. We love the idea of designing to an open courtyard with a shipping container dropped in the middle, or creatively catching shoppers eyes to a little white beach house with a bright graphic.

The last part of our adventure was to the Hollywood sign. Regardless of the almost Vancouver like weather we made our way to the top, enjoying the fresh air along the way! With a few wrong turns and a semi aggressive back trail we made it to our end destination. Even though the Hollywood sign was up in the clouds that day, it still remained a great way to take some time to reflect on our busy weekend, and also appreciate the great crew that we have at Cutler. We left feeling inspired and more connected as a team than ever, thanks to everything that LA had to offer us. We are excited to channel our inner LA creative, and the authentic style that comes with it.

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