In 2010, Plumen made low energy light bulbs beautiful by introducing the consumer market to the newly designed Plumen 001. Now in 2014, Plumen is introducing their newest design aptly named the Plumen 002.

We generally feel more relaxed and comfortable around a warmer  light source, that’s why we love the feel of incandescent lighting. The Plumen 002 is a great alternative to the 30W bulb. It provides a softer, warmer and more intimate level of light to areas that may require a dim-lit ambience. Since The Plumen 002 is a low energy light bulb, it requires less than 25% of the energy compared to the 30W incandescent light bulb.

The shape of the Plumen 002 reflects the silhouette of a classic Type A incandescent bulb.  It’s fluid three dimensional curves change characteristics with every angle, creating a beautifully sculpted light bulb. Both the Plumen 001 and 002 bulbs are so beautifully designed you could show them off in almost any space.

The Plumen 002 is still in development stages, but you can contribute to their vision through Kickstarter and be one of the first to experience an energy saving sculptural light.

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