Starting your own business? How do you translate your brand into a 3D environment?

This is my favorite question.  It is my life’s work to take my client’s personal or business style and translate it into the design of their space.

  1. I truly think you should start with the print marketing.  Hire the best branding/marketing firm you can afford.  They will create a branding package that you should never deviate from.  Believe in your brand and run with it.  You want to establish a cohesive look and feel.
  2. Find a space that suits your business.  If you have a small budget it is important to find a space with good “bones” (ex. Brick walls, nice ceiling, existing plumbing and architectural features).  Just changing a ceiling from T-Bar to drywall can be very expensive!
  3. Next stop Interior Design.  First we will establish the floor plan, paying attention to customer flow, adjacency, required fixtures, city/landlord requirements etc.
  4. On to the fun stuff.  Source finishes unique to your brand and use throughout the space.  Like a particular type of wood or tile.  If at all possible go custom!  Try not to go too literal, for example: If your logo is teal you don’t have to blanket the whole shop in it.  Never underestimate your customers and just because your competitor does it one way does not mean you have to follow suit.
  5. Not all your shops have to look alike.  The term “rollout” is a dirty word.  Yes, the idea of multiple standardized stores is on point, but today consumers need a bit of a surprise.  Keep consistency through out the store design but be sure to mix up colours and shapes to keep people guessing.
  6. Down to the details.  Soften the store design with personal touches like artwork & plant life.

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Cutler Logo