Restaurants & Bars.

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Restaurants & Bars.

Memories are made around the table. How pleasant those memories are can be largely dependent on the design of the environment.

At Cutler, we believe that great restaurant or bar design begins with a thorough understanding of the menu and the customer. The space should feel like an extension of the menu, and the environment should support the goals of the customer. Whether we are designing a cozy tea tasting room or a venue fit for celebration, determining the finishes, kitchen equipment and even acoustic levels starts with these two foundational brand elements.

Restaurants & Bars

To design a restaurant or bar is actually to design two very different (but equally important) spaces: the kitchen and the dining room.

In the kitchen, the priorities are safety, cleanability and efficiency. Knowledge of kitchen equipment, food preparation and health standards is vital. While these factors continue as the kitchen meets the dining room, the strategy in the dining area is to blend the functionality effortlessly into a carefully crafted ambience.

Our design team utilizes light, scale and form to create a hierarchy that keeps focus on the elements that transform a space into a memorable gathering place.

The importance of efficiency goes beyond food preparation. Our team optimizes circulation space to maximize seating areas. Adjacencies between server stations, the kitchen and table sections are analyzed to ensure we’re setting the staff up for success. And because we review sight lines, privacy and comfort at each table, there’s never a bad seat in the house.

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