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Trade shows and industry events are opportunities for our team here at Cutler to gain first-hand knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources. The conversations we have with vendors and operators stimulate new ideas and creative ways to support our clients in their goals.

At GlobalShop, one of the retail industry’s largest trade shows, we had a chance to see what’s new in tech, aesthetics and the customer experience. Workshops from retail leaders such as Samsung, Lowes and B8ta gave us insight into what’s working from the operator’s perspective and challenges they’re facing.

We put together a list of the top five trends and strategies that we’re seeing emerge in the retail industry, within Brick + Mortar Aesthetics, Customer Experience, and Technology. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be expanding on each to provide a more thorough understanding that includes various examples and helpful how-to’s. If you want to discover the techniques that global retail leaders are using to influence customers and compete into today’s complex marketplace, be sure to keep an eye on our posts.

Here’s an overview of the topics we’ll be exploring:

Brick + Mortar Aesthetics


Consumers feel at ease when familiar arrangements and details are incorporated


Raw, industrial textures contrast finished products and reflect the nothing-to-hide honesty of the brand

Curated Gallery

In a time when there’s a constant flurry of products and information, selection is easier in a curated environment

Comfort Spaces

Physically going to a store is a leisure activity that involves mobile customer service and opportunities to socialize


The physical space is an opportunity to create an immersive experience, not just showcase a product or service

Customer Experience


Blend channels to make the consumer’s experience easier


Know the differences between Gen X and Baby Boomers and develop a CX specifically for your target audience

Emotional Connection

Go past customer satisfaction and strive for emotional connection to maximize customer value


Temporary products, stores and shopping centres guarantee a unique experience during every visit

Social Space

Create a destination for people to meet, relax, learn and shop together


Anytime Anywhere

Customers shop, learn, pay and simply experience brands through mobile phones and payment systems

Artificial Intelligence

Allow devices to perceive their environments and take action to successfully achieve their goals

Augmented Reality

Superimpose computer-generated images onto the real world to guide and support customers


A step ahead of customization, be prepared to meet each individual customer’s needs before you ask

Connected Home

Interconnection and interoperability of multiple devices, services and apps throughout the home

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