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We at Cutler share similar design aesthetics and find inspiration from many things alike, however what brings a uniqueness to our team is that we find that inspiration through many mediums.

We were given the challenge to present a typical inspiration board with the guidelines being that it must be from our latest Pinterest pins that we were drawing inspiration from in November. As design shifts and changes with the trends, seasons, and any other creative nods around us we tend to shift our attention to unique design elements whether we know it or not. By checking in to our Pinterest boards we find it to be a beneficial practice and good check in for ourselves as a designer. We get to see what is inspiring us now and why, and also how we would intend to apply or translate that inspiration into our own practice.

November Interior Design Inspiration Board by Char Kennedy at Cutler

A composition of form, texture, colour and material that bring inspiration to my design practice at the moment. These images are inspiring to me because they exhibit a mood and a sense of wonder. I hope to achieve this type of depth in the design work I do, to create forms that are simple, functional and evoke curiosity. These images represent cropped or detailed view where the function or context is not evident at first glance, yet there is intrigue in the design. We can design forms that invite people to interact, to question, to engage curiously with the beauty of their surroundings. These images capture that sensibility.


November Interior Design Inspiration Board by Brooke Stephenson at Cutler

National Park Post Office – Finding inspiration from what I think the reinvention of a National Park Post Office would look like in the fall. Taking a place that acts to serve simple function, yet historically speaking it seems to have an air to the space – The passing of mail over centuries of time, with stories of adventures carved into the floor boards.


November Interior Design Inspiration Board by Sherry Haddow

Layering of textures, forms, patterns, colours and matching design elements or principles in a bold and non-literal way, is my current inspiration. I am inspired by the freedom of interpretation in the design process, through collage presentation. With this inferred graphic approach, i seek how a connection can take root for a project’s design concept and then manifest tangibly. I feel interior design can unfold from a graphic collage in a fresh way for my current work.


November Interior Design Inspiration Board by Elisa Leung at Cutler

Visual Repetition & Texture – strong materiality with soft lines.


November Interior Design Inspiration Board by Tiina Vahtola at Cutler

A Space that celebrates and embraces “Kaamos” a mystical period in which the sun won’t rise for a long time and the snow makes the day look much brighter.


November Interior Design Inspiration Board by Nathalie Koo at Cutler

Fragile movements in the most obscure places. These ideas help inspire a creation of spaces that are both simple and dynamic.


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