Comor Sports is an outdoor sporting goods institution in British Columbia. Having been open for 41 years, they are the longest surviving ski and snowboard retailer in Vancouver. They came to us with a vision of creating a 6,400 square foot flagship located on the NW corner of 4th and Burrard in Vancouver. They hoped to create a space that reflected their brand as being a hub for innovative outdoor products, friendly customer service and a true passion for the outdoors. As their “Go Play Outside” motto describes, Comor is on a mission to get people outside.

Our goal was to create a space that truly reflects Comor’s brand mentality and positions them as an industry leader. The finished space incorporates the raw materials, textures and colours of the outdoors, with refined lighting and elements that echo the technical nature of their product line. This contrast between raw and refined is what defined our concept, material selection and the forms that we developed for the space.

Comor Sports store exterior, Vancouver's 4th & Burrard
Interior entrance of Comor Sports Vancouver

Comor is a leading retailer in both ski and snowboard as well as bike, which they alternate between during the winter and summer months. To maintain focus on the current season, we created a 1,000 SF mezzanine in the east quadrant that is dedicated to the ‘off season’ product. We left the steel I-beam structure of this space exposed, providing a nod to the strength and engineering of the outdoors and Comor’s product selection. Adding a second level to the space was a challenge in terms of both schedule and budget, and required close coordination with our engineering partners. Ultimately, this second story maximizes merchandisable square feet and adds to the wander-and-explore shopping style that we wanted to encourage.

Wood detailing at Comor in Vancouver
Boot bench Wood detailing & design closeup at Comor
Comor Vancouver's boot display and bench

One of Comor’s primary products is boots and boot fittings. We were challenged to create an experience around this moment in the customer journey that was comfortable, memorable and unique. We designed a custom boot bench that was inspired by the raw and organic form of a giant boulder. People are invited to sit on either side of the bench, which is elevated off the ground for optimal fitting height. The bench is situated next to the backlit boot display, which showcases their extensive selection of ski and snowboard boots. The glow of the boot wall and the form of the bench work together to create an eye-catching feature. The slatted structure of the boot bench is echoed in various elements throughout the space, including a wood slatted structure around the entry door and cash desk.

Comor's dedicated accessories area with chevron shape
Closeup of Comor's goggle display

In the front of the store, we utilized the Comor logo to celebrate a dedicated accessories corner of the space. A custom, overscale goggle & helmet display brings Comor’s iconic chevron shape to life. Adjacent is an accessories bar the encourages customers to post up, try on eyewear and check themselves out in the mirror. This entire exhibit is visible from the exterior, pulling people in and celebrating the brand.

Comor's 2 level display setup, stairs, and upper level
Ski & Snowboard equipment racking at Comor

With a two-story space, there was an opportunity for two-story displays. We developed a layout that took advantage of this and created a backdrop for the store that highlights products, adventure and the great outdoors. Two 16-foot-high ski and bike display fixtures flank a long, low fixture. Interactive screens hang above and showcase the latest adventures of customers’ favourite professionals. The wall is finished in slate tile and wood accents, bringing the outdoors in.

Some other nuanced elements of the space are not to be missed, including a small and friendly wall opening that serves as a bike shop repair window, clad in corrugated metal and built under the mezzanine. The repair window is the designated area for chatting mechanics with one of the many experienced and passionate staff members. Or enter the bathrooms and notice the custom green grout, to match the Comor brand colour. Even the fitting rooms add a surprise-and-delight moment with a custom paint job and linear lights.

Comor Sports fitting rooms at the Vancouver flagship location

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