Cutler worked with Barre Fitness, a ballet barre based exercise studio founded in Vancouver, to develop design guidelines last year. The first space to incorporate the new look and feel opened in Surrey and has quickly become a hot spot in the growing community.

The design of Barre Fitness studios is based on the strength behind beauty. Each class and each position is focused on improving both mind and body, and aspects of these were translated into the space. As an organization that strives to empower women, it was important for the environment to support clients’ goals while allowing the brand to shine.

Design Criteria

CLEAN: straight lines, solid colour blocks, white backdrops, no more than what we need.
Example: check-in barre shelving

STRONG: dark woods, industrial accents, solid forms.
Example: reception desk

FLEXIBLE: pieces that fit any shape or size studio, adjustable fixtures.
Example: retail fixtures

NATURAL: raw materials, organic textures.
Example: brick wall

HELPFUL: clear wayfinding, excellent customer flow, providing tools that makes getting in and out of class not just easy but also enjoyable.
Example: equipment storage/studio adjacency

Check-in Barre

Interior Design of Barre Fitness Surrey: Check In

Upon entering the space, guests are greeted by the Check-in Barre. This dedicated space allows for a seamless transition from arrival to class, and allows the receptionist to focus on greeting guests, answering questions and assisting retail customers. Floating shelves create a clean, minimal perch for iPads. Industrial, teal wall sconces act as functional wayfinding while infusing a playful touch of the brand colour.

Reception Desk

Interior Design of Barre Fitness Surrey: Reception Area

The reception desk further communicates the Barre brand through clean, strong forms and natural finishes. The solid white base provides a foundation of strength and cleanliness. A dark wood transaction block that continues over the front of the desk welcomes guests with warmth and reflects the raw, natural energy of Barre Fitness.

Retail Area

Interior Design of Barre Fitness Surrey: Retail Area

The retail area showcases a variety of apparel and accessories. Straight lines and white backdrops maintain focus on the merchandise. Wood accent finishes are repeated here to break up the repetition and create a harmonious aesthetic throughout the space.

Studio Space

Interior Design of Barre Fitness Surrey: Studio Space

The feature of the expansive studio is the natural maple flooring. A grid of pendants creates a faux ceiling, which is further emphasized by dark paint above. Custom storage in the back of the space frees the studio of clutter while making fitness equipment easily accessible.

Shoes Off

Interior Design of Barre Fitness Surrey: Shoes Off

In addition to a full locker room, a semi-private area for guests to remove their shoes and store belongings is provided between reception and the studio. Faux brick was applied to the walls and painted white to add texture while maintaining the fresh Barre aesthetic. Round wooden wall hooks double as a sculptural art pieces.

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