We have made some branding changes over the last few months and wanted to officially share them.

#1. Our Name – We have changed our trade name from “Cutler Design & Construction” to “Cutler”. That said, our incorporated name is still Cutler DC Projects Ltd. More on the name change in an upcoming post…

#2. Our Logo and Branding – After 4 years in business we really feel that we have direction as to what our brand is and what this company means to us. Our company started very organically and branding and identity were just addressed on an as required basis. Putting the time to do this right is something we are very happy that we finally did. We can now say that we practice what we preach.

#3. Our Website – Our new website (and branding) was created with the help from ALSO KNOWN AS. They did a great job and kept the whole process interesting and fun. We can’t wait for the next project that we can work on together. I’d also like to thank our team for their input and help with this project.

Check us out….. www.cutlerdc.com

Cutler Logo