Lemongrass House Thailand approached Cutler with the goal to open their first North American location. With having 60 operating stores, and being heavily popular in South East Asia, Australia and Europe, they hit the ground running with their new Gastown location. Lemongrass House established their strong brand presence through their commitment to the environmental practice in Thailand, setting a higher standard for farm fresh aromatherapy products.


“Environmental sustainability is at the core of the Lemongrass philosophy. In a world struggling to cope with the overuse of plastics and over-packed goods, we provide the simplicity of fresh, natural, handmade products, free of unnecessary chemicals and additives.”



Throughout the design process with Lemongrass House, we had the pleasure of working with a rather dynamic team. Our interior design services included: community research, branding & design strategy, concept elevating, construction documentation, millwork drawings, and project management through to completion. With Cutler and Pacific Solutions on board, Lemongrass House Canada and Thailand worked closely with us to create a space that transports you to a tropical oasis in the heart of a busy Gastown neighborhood.

The warm, handcrafted teakwood millwork and animated shipping container walls are a direct nod to Thailand’s heritage and landscape. Textural grass cloth walls and handwoven rattan millwork accents are symbolic to the nature and local materials in Thailand. We wanted to design a space that focused on the millwork and the story that it told. It was important that nothing looked too polished, refined or perfected. The layering of textures that we showed in our preliminary inspiration board (below) encouraged the way we paired woven, natural materials with the weathered look of the reclaimed solid wood.

What’s unique about this design was that the client intended to localize their international look and feel that Lemongrass had established. In cases like this we find that when intentionally designing a space to a more localized neighborhood; being Gastown specifically, it often appeals, and creates a buzz within that target market of that area.

The space presents itself as warm and welcoming to tourists and locals alike, making it a must stop shop in the busy streets of Vancouver. This unique design experience will set Lemongrass apart from competitors and set the bar in an impactful way that appeals to all senses. This company is much more than just a bath and body product store. They are a community hub that educates people on health and wellness for not only you but your pets too! Community connection is important to the brand, tracing back to the Thai makers who inspired the products that they now sell. Artwork of the makers still hang in the spaces around the world to this day.

Projects like the Lemongrass House space are always a whirlwind of communication among multiple parties, with the end goal of executing a space that reflects a popular international brand. We were excited to take on this fast-paced opportunity, and to work with some international ideas that we may not typically design to. In the end we were lucky enough to develop a space that suits the local vibe, and that we get to share with the neighborhood we reside in every day.

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