“One Good Chair” The Hiroshima Series

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This month’s product spotlight features the sophisticated craftsmanship of Japanese furniture manufacture, Maruni Wood Industry. A company firmly rooted in the field of their handcrafts, they cultivate designs that reflect the history of Japanese wood. Takeo Yumanaka, the founder of Maruni Wood Industry, is fascinated by the properties of wood and the way in which, as a material, it is able to change shape almost at will.

While establishing themselves as one of Japan’s leading brands in the industry for classic furniture, Maruni continued to introduce new techniques that had been acquired over the course of production. Through the study of woodworking and modern technology, carving machines became a key component in their process. This allowed them to create sculpted carvings and intelligent single forms. The Hiroshima Series aimed for a clean profile, gentle curve and a simplistic image. This ultimately brought charm to a variety of spaces, allowing for it to become a leading product in the global market.

The Hiroshima Series was released in 2008 with the aim to create a free form piece that combined robustness with designs that would remain vital in 100 years’ time. The chair held a high standard for its distinctive craftsmanship and sense of warmth. The emphasis on the wood’s natural detail and the handmade qualities are simply details that would not be achievable with a machine.

The thorough knowledge that the company possesses on wood and furniture production allowed Maruni to connect seat comfort, light aesthetics, and longevity into the form of every piece designed. Because of the delicate finishing to the natural wood and design that forms to your body, this impressive seat highlights superior quality. To be used independently or among others of its kind, there are no restrictions on this chair regarding the places in which it’s used.

There is no doubt that The Hiroshima Series will stand as a time capsule piece within classic furniture design for years to come. The team at Cutler encourages investing in pieces that make every effort to uphold longevity. Every piece has a life extending after it’s been purchased. If you’ve been eyeing a piece for a while now, you are already considering the investment. We suggest giving any piece that same critical consideration when shopping. When selecting pieces, don’t be afraid to seek out quality materials, ask questions and learn the history behind the product itself. Think carefully about where this piece will be going in your space and consider how often it may be used. Most importantly, look for value in everything while you’re out shopping and remember these tips, because you just never know when you’re going to discover that next “one good chair.”


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