Our Role

We provided Interior Design and Project Management for Woods and Canadian Tire. Our involvement begins at concept development and follows through to construction documentation, and final deficiency management.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the Canadian Tire head office team as well as the local Woods team. This product development lab had to showcase the Woods brand while providing a relative and almost life like environment for customers to learn about the latest products to their full extent. This employee dedicated space also must function as a workspace, serving as a collaborative area where employees can research, test out tactile materials for products, and ultimately fuel adventurous creativity.

The Result

As the store name implies, Woods held a vision and passion for the great outdoors. A historical nod was given to Woods with reference to previous adventures that products were taken on, or with large scale vintage graphics dating back late into the 80’s. A free-standing cabin structure holds a strong presence within the back half of the space. We outfitted the space with structures and displays that set the outdoor environment within the framework of the city. This ranged from what an alpine adventure would look like with tent platforms that were environmentally beaten, to the cozy family cabin trip in the woods. We wanted the final look and feel of the space to reflect the tactile and utilitarian products that Woods offers, for it to act as an education hub for the Woods clients, and to reflect the end goal being, that the traditions of the brand live on through the design of the space.

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